Natalie Portman's husband wants to change faith.

In 2012, American actress, Natalie Portman, married choreographer Benjamin Milpier. The wedding was played, given the traditions of Judaism. Recently it became known that Bendazhin decided to go ahead and change faith. Now the couple lives in Israel, where Natalie shoots the film "The Tale of Love and Darkness." Her spouse in an interview with one of the magazines admitted that he loved the country and its culture, in addition, for him the full penetration into the religion of his wife is extremely important.

This is not GOST! Homemade chicken sausage - much better and cheaper! Traditional and original recipes for home-made chicken sausage

Attitude to the quality of sausages offered by retail chains may be different. For the most part, it leaves much to be desired, but you do not want to refuse to use the product. They have been making sausages for thousands of years, and why not give up such pleasure? The engine in the production of home-made chicken sausage and all other types of sausages was the ingenuity of housewives and a universal love for meat loaves and "wheels".

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Sore wrist - what to do? Why wrists of hands hurt - a description of all causes and which treatment is the most effective.

The pain in the wrist not only delivers a lot of pain, but it also completely detracts from work. The area connecting the bones of the forearm with the brush is the most mobile and especially vulnerable. Despite its small size, the wrist consists of eight bones, which are comfortably arranged in two rows. Any violations of its functionality, ignored by the owner, really threaten in the future complete immobilization of the joints and loss of efficiency.

Sweet soda brings women to ischemic stroke

Japanese researchers, during lengthy experiments and observations, came to the conclusion that the fair sex, who consume sweet and low-calorie carbonated drinks daily, significantly increase the risk of ischemic stroke in them. This type of heart attack occurs due to the fact that the "plugs" formed in the blood vessels lead to a partial, and then complete blockage of blood flow to the human brain.

How much do Hollywood celebrities spend on their wardrobe?

We look at Hollywood celebrities who sparkle on the red carpet and from the covers of glossy magazines and see people bathing in money. They have worldwide fame, big fees, huge apartments and expensive outfits. And how many megastars are spent on their star outfits and accessories? Count?

Mistress - pregnant! How to save a family ...

"All happy families are equally happy, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way" L.N. Tolstoy Every woman, getting married, dreams of a happy family, to be loved and alone. Years go by, life is delayed, love goes away, spouses move away, women find themselves in children, men come up with a hobby, give birth to mistresses.

Girlfriends-bitch and girlfriend-sisters by zodiac sign

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and brightest types of communication that exist between people. Each person wants to have a reliable, loyal friend nearby, who will never betray, but in difficult times leave everything and rush to you. But sometimes in life it happens differently: a person whom we consider close and whom we trust in our innermost thoughts, at the most unexpected moment betrays us, destroying everything that we believed in.

5 hidden symptoms of dehydration

The most important substance, after oxygen, for the human body is water. A simple-looking substance performs tremendous work in our body: it cleanses blood vessels, removes toxins, regulates temperature, dissolves mineral salts and much more. The body is always signaled by our condition, but these "commands" are not always clear and understandable to us.

Justin Timberlake is named the most stylish man of the planet.

The well-known fashion channel Fashion One Television recognized the most stylish man in the world of the popular singer Justin Timberlake. The specialists of the channel highly appreciated Justin's contribution to the fashion industry. In particular, it was meant that it was Timberlake who brilliantly returned waistcoats and hats to fashion. In addition to Timberlake, David Beckham and Riang Gosling are in the top three stylish men.

Britney Spears and Jason Travik starred in a romantic photo shoot

Pop singer Britney Spears and her agent, and part-time groom, Jason Travik starred in a chic photo shoot for Elle magazine. The photographs show that Britney is prettier, thinner and just happy. Also in the October issue, a couple in love spoke about the intricacies of their life-being. Answering the question of who took the first step, Jason said: "It was one of those moments when you walk, and then suddenly turn around and come face to face, and then ...".